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      Scheme of Intelligent Class

      Intelligent Class is currently widely used by various schools for their information construction. With the nanometer touch blackboard

      It is equipped with a professional teaching software and management platform.

      Its highly integrated design helps save the school’s construction funds
      It’s equipped with both hardware and software resources for rich uses and better using experience
      It has a high definition display screen and is good to eyes during the interactive teaching and presentation
      It has convenient technical after-sales services and value-added services of software upgrading.

      Scheme of Recorded Broadcasting Classroom

      Based on the construction of standard smart classroom, it can not only realize classroom teaching, but also provide recording and broadcasting system for resource exchange and help student

      Multi-role of serving and teaching
      Construction and sharing of school-based resources
      Easy to implement, cost-effective, capable of large-scale deployment
      Efficient use and rich application

      Scheme of Future Classroom

      Based on UCN’s software and hardware teaching resources and years of project implementation experience, a “creative art class” and a “future science class” and other targeted professional segmentation schemes are made for teachers and students

      Advanced intelligence, nanometer touch, man-machine interaction;
      Open expandability, modular design, high flexibility and adaptability;
      Stable, safe, cost-effective and integrated design;
      Scenarize and visualize the knowledge that is difficult to understand to get students interested.

      Scheme of Teleconference

      It integrates computer, television, projector and intelligent whiteboard into one equipment. It is equipped with professional conference software to realize intelligent access, intelligent management and intelligent demonstration

      Support full terminal use including pad, computer, mobile phone, etc.
      Connect the Internet with one button; save the conference time
      Connect the Internet with one button; save the conference time
      Humanized design that is easy to operate
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